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Let us help you to use video and web technology to benefit your business, reach new customers and promote your products and services!

Since 2003..


Since 2003 we have been going that extra mile and helping local businesses with their media production. We're pretty sure we have an offering that can not be equalled in terms of technology, quality, customer service and of course price. Our shoots are fully insured and whatever you need from your final video we can deliver with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our clients include large and small companies and individuals. No job is too large or too small so give us a call to discuss your project.

Affordable Technology..

OK, so you now know we offer Video Production - with the latest equipment at a price that fits your budget. You also know that whatever extra equipment you need is all FREE from a tripod to a crane, Steadicam or Slider, LED or tungsten lights, smoke, fog or auto cues. Yes it's all provided fully inclusive to your production.

But we don't stop there...Oh no..

If you're looking for that little bit extra, you need to go that extra mile - maybe targeting Advanced DVD? Multi-Angle, Subtitles or Programmed- (we have designed and created some of the most advanced DVD's on the market). Or maybe you're targeting the Web - (we write software to make the most of your video including ROKU, ActionScript, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript amongst other languages). Perhaps you need INTERACTIVE video, SHOPPABLE video or DYNAMIC Video, TIMEPLAPSE or 360 Degree Video? Maybe you need CLOSE CAPTION or SUBTITLES - IN ANY LANGUAGE?

Whatever you need we've most likely done it all before so call us for a chat and see if we can help.

The Client's choice..

Our client base includes blue chip, medium and small business. From: NHS,, NatWest, Nescafe', Marks and Spencer, One Stop to local authorities like Dudley and Birmingham Councils and countless small start-up companies on a tight budget.

We know there are a lot of companies out there vying for your business, so let us try and convince you that we are not just another video production company and you really should give us a call to discuss your next production. This sample shown here contains fully licenced music and was filmed for's pop-up shop marketing campaign featuring Amy Nutall from Emerdale TV series.

We GUARANTEE to beat ANY GENUINE COMPETITIVE QUOTE - So what have you got to lose? Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project - 0800 612 8996. Even the call is FREE!

Training Products..

We continue to add titles to our Corporate Training invention - "The Challenge DVD". This is a specially programmed DVD that can play in any set top box or laptop and makes training videos for any subject come alive in a "Millionaire Style" game show environment.

The viewer plays their own game in a studio setting where the live video host interacts with them on a one-to-one basis. The concept is a great way to get any training message across and to interactively test the delegate's knowledge. The video keeps track of correct answers and scores and tailors the playback to the player. We also offer the same product as a stand-alone executable program to run on Windows or Mac or as a Power Point add-on. Using this platform we have just released the Nutrition Challenge aimed at Corporate health trainers.


FREE! - 360 Degree Video and Panoramas

How would you like a FREE 360 degree video? Or how about a Google style 360 degree Panorama of your company? We love technology and are always one of the first companies to dive deep into any new video related technology. Such new technologies are 360 degree video and 360 degree interactive panoramas. These are specially filmed videos and images. The video can be watched like any other video on Youtube and Facebook - but the viewer can rotate the camera angle and view anywhere they like. The panoramic images are like you may have seen used in Google streetview but they can allow Streetview to extend WITHIN your premses. Both of these technologies are great fun - but can also have great application. Or can they? We're looking for a company or individual who has need of a 360 degree video or Panorama so we can produce it for them FREE. This will allow us to learn the process and also have a showcase video/panorama to show other potential (paying) clients. In the mean time here is a 360 degree video produced by someone else that we like - it features puppies - what's not to like!

If your browser supports 360 degree video you should be able to move around within the video and view it from all angles, left right and up and down. Give it a try!

Advanced DVD programming

If you think DVD's are just videos with a menu button, think again! All DVD's are not equal. Our DVD encoding allows us to achieve more with DVD's than you might think possible. We can make DVD's that appear to have an intelligence, can customise their own playback and interact with the viewer in ways other companies would find impossible.


Example One: We have recently coded a truly random generator that when coupled with DVD Video quizzes allows the content to be totally random. Something that was before only partially possible.

Example Two: We were also recently asked to produce a DVD that could control mobile phones without any direct link between them - guess what? We did it! We have many advanced commercial DVD's on the market and while the DVD market is certainly declining our advanced technology is squeezing every last bit of profit from DVD and Blue rays.


You may have seen that FaceBook allows live video to be posted into your timeline using a SmartPhone App. What we offer should NOT be confused with this type of live video. Our offering uses multiple professional cameras and a mixing desk where the output from the mix is streamed live directly for FaceBook, Youtube or your own seb site. We can also mix in title cards and output from PC screens. Depending of what you want to achieve (which impacts crew size and therefore costs) Live broadcasts start from only £295! - this includes all tech support from start to finish.

Closed Captioning Automatically

We have recently developed a facility that will be of interest to anyone producing scripted video. Whether your scripts are for voiceover or full drama productions. Our software can now take the original script and marry the content to the video producing accurate Closed Caption Files in multiple languages in seconds.


These files are ready to load on Youtube or Vimeo (or any other closed caption system) and will accurately present the text onscreen when closed captioning is turned on. See the video above for an example.

NHS Choose us for Video Drama production

We are pleased to announce that after a tender process the NHS chose us to produce a series of video dramas to educate staff about safeguarding. It's comforting to know that in full tender process, where price, performance and quality are taken into account there was only one winner! The three dramas will be filmed in HD with more than a dozen actors in and around Birmingham.

Stop Press: Following from this news we also won a second NHS tender to film over three days for a mental health project that featured actors improvising interviews with actual NHS professionals.

Actor's Showreels

Actors need head shots a showreel and a web site to get their foot on the first rung of the ladder. We're pleased to help by providing a package that gives them EVERYTHING in one session. All inclusive for £75. You'll get one-to one attention and up to 3 hours in front of a camera to perform your monologues.

We'll take head shots in B/W and Colour. We'll create a web site for you with a web domain name of your choosing (depends on availability obviously) and supply web space to host your site for 12 months. We also include refreshments during your shoot for you and a friend!

We shoot your showreel using your own monologue scripts with a classy white background or a green screen. To see the web page example see here:

Special Offer

How would you like up to a 5-minute "Welcome to.." video made for your company for a crazy low price of £95? Restricted availability - Call for details..

Bring Your Ideas To Life : Digital Products!

Here are some links to digital products we have made for people who had great ideas along the way:
Story Board Creator
MyEzApp - Mobile App Generator
Business Networking DVD
NutriQuiz DVD
Plus also we have developed several new ROKU channels for people including Sofa va. Sofa and Party Trivia.

These are just some of the digital products we have bought to life for clients there are many many more.. your product could be next!

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